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Austin's Own Meatloaf

Submitted by Mark Macdonald
Mix ground beef with chopped onions, egg, 1/2 cup breadcrumbs, and generous amount of Austin's Own any flavor. Form into loaf and place in pan coating top with more sauc...  more >

Beer Can Chicken

Submitted by Mary Arnett
Mix rub and apply to chicken. Punch 2 holes in top of beer can, leave only 1/2 the beer

Prepare fire with hardwood charcoal. Insert beer can into cavity Balance chick...  more >


Bourbon Pepper Ribs

Submitted by Xander Lorenz
When the ribs have about 20-30 minutes left to cook, baste ribs with sauce, move over direct medium heat to caramelize sauce. Repeat a few times.

Thanks and ENJOY!!!...  more >


EASY Sloppy Joes

Submitted by Cherei McCarter
1. Fry up ground beef and onion, drain fat.

2. Pour in one 8 oz can of tomato sauce and Austin's Own BBQ sauce medium flavor to desired thickness of sloppy joe mix....  more >



Submitted by s.b. hammer
1. preheat oven - 425. cover 2 large baking pans with foil, spray with cooking spray.
2. in a large bowl toss potatoes with bbq mixture.
bake 20-30 minutes. rotate once...  more >

Shrimp and Veggie Stir-Fry in Austin's Own

Submitted by Kristina Walker
Stir fry veggies in pan with a bit of oil until sweating than add shrimp. Add mustard and Austin's Own Chipotle to coat shrimp and veggies. Serve over rice. You can al...  more >