Bucky from KVET Radio Declares Austin's Own His Favorite

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Huge Fan of Your Sauce

Just want to say I'm a huge fan of your bbq sauce, and the only time I try anything else is if my grocer is out. Not to brag, but my baby backs are famous, and your sauce is part of the reason. The other day, a dude was standing and perusing the bbq sauce selection, which is quite vast at our grocery store. I strolled right up and grabbed a bottle of chiplote and medium. He looked at me and asked if that was the right stuff. I smiled and told him I swear by it. He bought some. ~ Dave L.

Love & Double Dipping

We LOVE Austin's own BBQ sauce. The border edition is the finest around! ~ Beverly F.

Double dipping my ribs is the best! ~ Zac F.

Thank you for making such a quality product

Just wanted to tell you, we found your sauce in our local Walmart and decided to give it a try, and hands down it was the best sauce we've tasted! We are gluten and dairy free, don't like HFCS, and though not vegan, we don't appreciate anchovies in our Worchestershire sauce. Your sauce was the perfect fit for our needs, plus has a flavor that is phenomenal! We tried the Border Medium...we will definitely have to give the other flavors a try too. Coming from Shannon, a Texan native who loves everything Texas, it made her feel like a bit of home again. Thank you for making such a quality product! ~ Matthew and Shannon G.

We LOVE this sauce!

I LOVE this sauce! My whole family loves it! I was raised in Texas and it makes living in Utah taste like home! I am so glad you got the website up and running! I just ordered 8 bottles!! You will love this story-especially how you are helping at Christmas. I have a dear friend that is battling cancer and she is about to undergo her 4th round of chemo. I have been her "food coach" to keep her strong. The ONLY thing she really likes when she feels good enough is my brisket with YOUR sauce! She said" it is the only thing that has flavor to me and it just hits the spot!" It is music to my ears- I know she can beat this but you all are helping her and don't even know it! Thank You and Happy Holidays!! ~ Joan N.

I love your BBQ Sauce!

I am so glad to see that your website is finally up and running. I love your BBQ sauce, it is now the only one I buy. Happily I spend the winter in Houston (where I have some family and where I discovered it) the Costco's there carry your wonderful product. I spend the summers in Oregon where the rest of my family is, and last summer I ended up having to take a case of it to my daughter because they can't find it there!! I'm glad I'll finally be able to order it for her and my son too. Thank you so much!!! ~ Mary L.


My wife and I are visiting our son and his family who are stationed at Fort Bilss, and today while he was gone helping a friend move I put together a new smoker/grill that his wife had bought him for a Valentine Day present. He repaid me with a barbecue using your "Border Edition" sauce, and it is fantastic. My wife and I are from Georgia and we know good barbecue when we smell and especially taste it. Just wanted to say thank you for a great ending to a day of cussing and swearing as I am not mechanically inclined but none the less finished what I started. When we get home we will be ordering your barbecue sauce and sharing it with our friends and family in the "Peach State" maybe ya'll can get it selling in our part of the country. When you do I will not use anything else, that's for sure and for certain. ~ Charles "Chuck" M.

On the Hunt

I've been on the hunt for a BBQ sauce without all the "gack" (stuff that isn't good for you) in it. I grabbed a bottle of Austin's Own off of the shelf at a local Whole Foods market this last month and WOW! Your sauce is amazing! It is SO delicious! I'm hooked and so is my family. Thank you for making a sauce with an incredible flavor without the gack!!!!~ Holly H.

Permanent Fixture in My Kitchen

I am a vegetarian and a recent Austin's Own convert. Besides the taste knocking my socks off (SO great on tofu and veggies), I sincerely appreciate the quality of the product. It's rare that you find food products that aren't completely scary when you check out the "nutritional" information. This sauce is now a permanent fixture in my kitchen. Thank you!~ Erin O.

Deliciously Spicy without the Heavy Sugar

I was attracted to your BBQ sauce--Border Edition - Medium - due to the very low (4g) sugar content. My husband is a diabetic and we are always searching for low sugar food blends. The taste and spark of this sauce has made this our new bbq sauce!! Deliciously spicy and delicious---without the heavy sugar of other bbq brands! Thank you very much for cutting back on the sugar and accentuating the flavor!!~ Your new Chicago Fans--The Janci Family


Just wanted to say we saw y'alls BBQ Sauce at the Wal Mart in Lubbock Texas. We bought a Bottle of it the Mild. OMG THIS IS THE BEST SAUCE WE HAVE EVER TASTED MADE THE BBQ THAT MUCH BETTER,WE WILL CHANGE BBQ SAUCE,SORRY SWEET BABY RAYS.~ Thanks--Jerry

Passed Austin's Own on to Relatives

Just wanted to let you know I have passed on Austins own to relatives in NH and Maine. They can't believe how good it is. Even a friend in Austin(who never tried it) is now a true lover of your sauce. I buy it here in Dallas every chance I get. Thanks. A very tasty sauce... ~ Thanks--Mike

Don't Ever Stop

Please don't ever stop making your BBQ Sauce. Our lives would never be the same if you did .. well, at least our weekend BBQ's. Also, thanks for making it gluten-free.~ Thanks--Valerie

Excellent Sauce

Excellent Sauce! I'm from Austin and my grandparents are from Amarillo area so I was excited to see your hot sauce at Wal-Mart in Long Beach, CA where I live now. I wish they would also stock the Chipolte flavor, if you could send some out here that would be super!!! Thanks! ~ Thanks--Mira

Hands Down, Best-Tasting Sauce Ever

On my frequent travels throught the South, Midwest and West I am always searching for any and all "local" barbecue sauces to take back to my home in the Charleston, SC area. While attending a conference in July in Austin I went on my "local barbecue sauce search"; I found your sauce along with several other brands that I had never found before in an Austin grocery store. After grilling (and smoking) various cuts of meat for several weeks now and trying other Brand barbecue sauces we finally cracked the cap off the Austins Own barbecu sauce. Well, I can tell you that my family and friends have demanded that I now only use the Austin's Own brand sauce, regardless of the meat (beef, pork or chicken)! Hands down, you have the best-tasting barbecue sauce that I've ever found in my 30 years of searching. Now that I've found that I can purchase the Austin's Own sauce on-line I can satisfy the epicurean taste buds of all my family and friends. Thank you ~ Ray J

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